Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The new cook in the house

Kah Yen is very much into pretend cooking these days, ever since I brought a hand-me-down kitchen set from a colleague home, making me mighty guity that I have left it in my office for nearly 2 months before finally brought it home. I thought, it is just one of those plastic toys that she will play for a while and dump in the corner of the house.

I was wrong. She liked it so much she has been cooking dinner for everybody almost every evening. Husband and I are then invited to her dinner after she finishes cooking.

I love to observe how she play. And through this cooking game I discovered a lot more about her.

(1) She is super organized

More than the husband, more than me! I was actually thinking maybe I could train her to run the whole household by the time she enters primary school. No kidding. The way she cookes her food, the way she lay her plates, fork and spoon, soup and tea. She meticulously puts everything in order before inviting us to her dinner.

(2) She is imaginative

All children are, aren't they? There aren't a lot of ingredients for her to play with, but she can come out with vegetable with egg soup, chilli soup, half-boiled egg soup... (I wonder how do they taste!)

When I take the vegetable soup, she will say "No, Mummy, you must wait, the soup is still hot." When I take the chilli soup, she will warn me "Mummy, the soup is very spicy, you must drink slowly OK?" When I eat the chicken with my fork and spoon, she will stop me "No Mummy, you must use the knife to cut, this chicken is a little bit hard." Sure, you are the chef, whatever you say.

(3) She is imitating good behaviors from us

Sometimes when she calls us for dinner, Daddy is still busy with something. I'd sit down and try to grab the food first, she'd say "No, Mummy, let's wait for Daddy to sit down, then we eat together." Good one. Then when we all sit down, she'd say "OK, everybody, let's pray first before we eat." She will go ahead to say prayer for us. When I ask for water, she replies "Mummy, you must say 'Can I have some water please?'" When I take the whole bowl of soup, she jumps in "No, Mummy, we only have one bowl of soup, you must share." Hmm... Looks like I am the one need to learn my table manners from her!

This is a snapshort of her dinner prepared for all her minions and smurfs. Impressive isn't it?

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