Friday, 19 July 2013

Art Garden

After hearing so many mummy bloggers taking about Art Garden, we decided to bring Kah Yen there as well. Museum is also a fun place for family outing. What's more I have been in the "doing more art activities with Kah Yen" mood recently, hence I am visibly more excited than her about our outing.

We went two weekends back. We had a fun time drawing and taking photos in the Enchanted Garden, I personally think that's the best exhibition among all. It is bright and vibrant. There are round table at children's height for drawing and coloring. There is this magic mirror to display each child's art work. And the rainbow bridge right in the middle is a big draw for the young kids.

We went through the rest of the exhibition pretty fast. They are either too abstract or too creepy for Kah Yen's age. 4-5 years who are interested in physics, science and experimenting might enjoy the exhibition more. There are more art activities on the second and third floor too, but it is more suitable for older kids. Kah Yen was not able to focus very long for the 3D cat and the watercolor project, the husband and me were the one busy drawing.

She did enjoy making the hot air balloon with color paper and glue though.

All in all, it is a good place for a Saturday morning out. I'd love to go back and visit the art museum more often in the future.

Children drawing at the Enchanted Garden

Our art work displaying on the magic mirror
Kah Yen and the magic tree house

On the rainbow bridge

Making a hot air ballon to travel around the world
Oh did I mention that she is in the "I am the photographer" mode? The moment I mention we are going to the art garden and we can take a lot of nice pictures. She went to her toy shelf to grab her toy camera!

Kah Yen the young photographer

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