Thursday, 4 July 2013

The (lack of) art activities in our house

I have always hoped to do more art activities with Kah Yen at home, despite the fact that I am totally not artistic and I have no experience playing with most art materials when I was growing up. It is totally a new area for me to venture into, but I am all excited to learn something new myself and provide a space for Kah Yen to explore, learn and have fun.

I have been very slow on this though. Before we moved into our new house, all she had played with are magnetic white board, paper and crayons. Recently we have finally set up the activity corner at our new house for her (though it is still very bare, I am yet to come out with a place to display art works), and we bought an easel from Ikea. She has been drawing on it with markers happily once a while, especially if we draw together with her.

Here are some photos of her using the Easel.

That's all about it though. The other side is a black chalkboard but we have not bought any chalk yet. We worry about the dust making the space messy and aren't sure if it is healthy for a todder to breath in too much. Mostly it is the messy part I am worrying about.

We have not started any painting with her for the same reason - the fear of a messy house. We have bought a table for her which is on the opposite side of the wall. There are color pencils, crayons and large notebooks for her to freely draw on, but no paint materials.

I chanced upon "The Artful Parent" blog recently and I just can't stop reading it. It is such an inspiring blog. The amount of art activities they do at home is such an eye-opener to me. Here are but a few useful links:

I am now more determined to create an art space at home for Kah Yen and to source for more variety of art materials, even though it means a messy house for us.

Our art endeavor will start soon!

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