Monday, 15 July 2013

Kah Yen's turtle

I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, Kah Yen was dooddling on her sketchbook on the sofa. A few minutes later she ran to the kitchen and called me "Mummy, come and see, I draw a turtle."

I responded the way a typical parent would respond to a toddler "Oh, really? You have drawn a turtle? I can't wait to seeing it." then ran out of the kitchen with an exaggerated excitement.

Honestly, I was expecting probably an out of shape circle, with some random dots, then a few twisted lines. That's how her drawings look like most of the time. At this age she can't really draw anything recognizable yet, and I think it is perfectly normal.

I was really surprised when I see this. Though at first glance I thought this looked more like a wild pig than a turtle. But...Hey! It is at least some recognizable shapes and you can see her finger gripping and coordination is improving.

Kah Yen's drawing of a turtle
 This is the original picture she was looking at from a coloring book we bought.

The two aren't exactly the same but we are still mighty proud of her. We are not in any way trying to train her to be an artist but we certainly enjoy seeing her grow through her drawings. From dots which she called "ants" to lines which she called "rivers", to finally this turtle with mouth, eyes, patches, and legs (way too many though!), how much she has grown in the last two years!

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