Thursday, 10 January 2013

More about school

It is just three days into school and I am happy to announce that Kah Yen is making very good progress.

I still remembered how worried I was on her first full day school when I learnt she did not take her afternoon nap at all. According to the teacher she just lay down on her mattress for two hours without closing her eyes. She did not drink her milk too. Teacher said it is normal since it is new environment, new routine, new bed (if you count the mattress a bed), but I couldn't help being worried.

So when she came back home, I went through her new routine with her again and told her she needs to drink milk and sleep just like all the other children. She said "Okay". I realiz she says "Okay" most of the time when I told her something but is that Okay really an Okay or not I am starting to doubt. Not that I don't trust her, but she is only two-year old, she may not have fully understood all my instructions, and even if she did, she may not be able to remember them when the time comes for her to follow.

Guss what? The next day, which was Tuesday, she drunk her milk and napped for one-and-a-half hour at school! I was way over the moon when I heard the report from the husband. When they came back home, the first question I asked was "Did Kah Yen sleep today?" and while the husband was happily sharing with me, Kah Yen squeezed in between us and looked up to me and very proudly she said "I also drunk milk milk you know?" She knew this was going to be my next question, she knew she'd make me happy because she had followed my instruction and been a good girl. I gave her my biggest hug and the most passionate kiss of all time.

The third day, Wednesday, she did the same. She is almost adjusted to her new routine. This is so much faster than what we and her teachers have expected and all of us are very delighted to see her progress.

Her appetite is increasing too. According to her teacher she finished her lunch everyday, the serving is the same for all the kids, some are even older than her. And when she reached home at 7 o'clock with Daddy, she could wipe away all the food in her bowl within 20 minutes, even before I could finish mine. She seemed so hungry yesterday she practically snatched the bowl away from my hands before I could mix her food ready. She had never eaten so well before and we are just, too pleased. The last two mornings she also woke up half-an-hour earlier than her usual timing and asked for milk immediately. She wasn't a big fan on milk too before that.

I figured one reason could be we had cut down her milk intake from 4 to 3. Other than the morning and evening feed, she used to have two bottles in the day - one mid-morning and one after nap, but now in school they only drink milk once before nap. Another reason could be lunch is too early and afternoon snack is not enough to last her till 7pm. I will observe her for another week before I feedback to her teacher on this. For now, I would like to think it is because she is growing and eating better.

She still goes to bed at 8:30pm in the evening, she still sleeps on her own, she still wakes up a contented baby. Maybe I am biased but she seems even happier than before when she comes back home.

I am really thankful for what's happening. We really did not do much except trusting in her, trusting in her teachers and most importantly, trusting in the Lord and praying.

And we are almost there.

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