Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A new chapter for Kah Yen

Finally I can upload some photos of Kah Yen's first day at school.  These were taken on the first day of orientation when I was there with her.

Looking calm and steady with her uniform and her school bag, only before reaching school though. Cried at the school entrance, refused to come down on her feet in the classroom, but eventually settled down to play.

Instead of sitting still and playing on her own, she enjoyed taking her toys and passing to others around her. She was trying to interact with other children - without a spoken word though, the typical toddler way.

Music and dance time.

Already making friends?

Story time was her favorite. She sat still through all the books.

Despite the initial fear of a new environment, I can tell that she likes the activities and likes to be with so many children.

I hope she will adapt to the school really soon, she will make new friends, she will learn good behaviors and values, she will pick up new things and develop the habit of learning. I hope she will thrive. I believe in her.

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