Monday, 16 July 2012

Look who is talking (Part 2)

At 19-month plus, Kah Yen is picking up talking very fast, although she still uses mainly words and phases instead of sentences when we engage her, I found them really cute when coming out of her mouth. I think I will miss these days when she is fully capable of talking at age 4 or 5. I wrote down some small conservations with her (Ok, calling it a conservation is kind of flattery I have to admit), every time I re-read I can't help smiling. And here are some more.

(7) Bread is nicer

She likes bread more than anything these days. Mummy of course wanted her to have a balanced diet so I was trying to sit her down and offer her some papaya in the afternoon. She refused and asked for bread. I gave up and passed her the bread.

I then ate the papaya myself, trying to exaggerate the sound effect when I bite and swallow so as to get her interest in papaya.

Mummy:   Wah, 木瓜好吃!(Papaya is nice)
Kah Yen:  (Looked at me for a second, looked at the bread in her hand, and said) 面包好吃!(Bread is nice)
Mummy: ...

PS: I won't be surprised if she says "Bread is nicer" next time. When it comes to food, they learn faster than anything.

(8) Her name

Recently she starts to realize that she has a name "Kah Yen" while Daddy is called Daddy and Mummy is called Mummy. She started to address herself by name. It is very cute hearing her saying her own name.

Daddy came in to chang his t-shirt while Mummy and Kah Yen were playing in the room.

Kah Yen: (Point to Daddy) 爸爸!
Mummy: Yes, 爸爸穿衣服
Kah Yen: (Poin to her own clothes) 恩恩穿衣服!(Kah Yen wear clothes)

(9) Saying "Thank you"

In my limited time with her everyday in the evening, I try my best to teach her politeness and manners. She says "Byebye Popo" everyday I pick her from Nanny. Now she is saying "Thank you" too.

At the dining table, Kah Yen was scribbling on her highchair while we were having our dinner.

Kah Yen: (Take the crayon and pass to Daddy) 爸爸画飞机 (Daddy draw airplane)
Daddy: Ok, Daddy draw an airplane for you.
Kah Yen: 谢谢爸爸!(Thank you Daddy!)

(10) Asking for help

As I have said my focus recenly is to teach her manner. So I insist she says "Mummy help" whenever she needs me to get anything for her. I am glad she picked up very fast.

At the highchair, Kah Yen wants to draw with her marker pen but can't open the cap.

Kah Yen: (Pass the pen to me) Mummy help!
Mummy: Good girl Kah Yen. Let Mummy help you open the cap

I am a strong believer of teaching children manners at a very young age and I am glad to see it is working. Next is to teach her to say "Sorry' when she has done something wrong. Teaching by example is the best way but both husband and I are not the type that say "Please", "Thank you" and "Sorry" at home all the time. We gotta do it consciously though in order to model a good example to her.

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