Thursday, 5 July 2012

19-month and counting

I realized my sharings about Kah Yen was more on the negative side during the past two weeks she was not well. Now she is well again I am finally able to look at the positive side of things. She is back to her usual sweet but also mischievous self again. She is back to sleep on her own and she is no longer waking up multiple times during the night. And she is talking a lot more recently. What a big girl she is now!

Back to the girl with sweet smiles and big laughters. She was playing with the crayons in a cup. It is amazing how joy can be found in the smallest things for children.

She continues to love drawing with pencil, marker and crayon. She can hold and control them much better now.  She can draw a line from one end of the paper to the other. Sometimes she will draw some dots and call them "ants" or "flies". Othertimes she will pass the pen to Daddy or Mummy and asks us to draw moon or stars. When we go to any restaurant, we will bring the crayon and notebook and she will be contented to sit down and draw while we enjoy our dinner.

When she was not well, I found it so difficult to get her attention on books. Now her love for reading is back and this is her reading on her own in the morning after drinking her milk. (Daddy is in the shower room and Mummy is busy getting ready to go out)

Wearing Mummy's belt and taking Mummy's comb to comb her own hair - she is not just a copycat, but also the youngest fashion model in town. And when Mummy says 'Wow, Kah Yen looks so pretty on this", she will walk to the mirror and admire herself, do some whirling dance and most importantly, go to the living room to "Show Daddy".

Who are the irresponsible parents which left this little girl in the train? No we didn't. It is her who insists on standing on the train like a big girl. She sometimes wants to walk in and out of the lift herself too. But then the next minute she may ask to be carried and rest her head on my shoulder and her hands around my chest. When she does that, my heart will be soften and an overflowing emotion will gush out, I think I enjoy her cuddle as much as she enjoys mine, maybe even more. Yes I can be so emotional at times. Aren't all mums like that at some point or another? Especially in the growing up years of our children.


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