Thursday, 5 July 2012

Like a tourist

We dread going to city centers like Orchard, Suntec and Marina Square, we are not shopaholic and we don't like places crowded with people. But we love Marina Bay Sands (MBS), we love the plaza, the museum, the Wonder full and the food, the place makes you feel that you are a tourist on a vacation, it sets you on a totally different mood.

We brought Kah Yen back to MBS again last Saturday, the previous two times we brought her to visit the ArtScience Museum and watch the Wonder full show. She loved both. This time Mummy is going for an evening concert with friends at the newly opened Garden by the Bay, so we plan to have dinner at MBS and take a walk in the Garden before Mummy's concert.

We are early so we brought her to the event plaza outside the shopping mall, there are a lot of tourists but it is neither packed nor noisy. No doubt Kah Yen was as excited as a newly arrived tourist.

Kah Yen in front of the lotus flower

Kah Yen was mesmerized by the Singapore skyline

Kah Yen looking at Singapore river and the reflections

The weather was very hot so we decided to go in to the shopping mall while waiting for our friends to come for dinner. We went to the basement food court, yes that's our favorite spot for dinner, the price is affordable as compare to most restaurants and most importantly, you can find a rich variety of Asian delights. It is frequented by a mix of locals and tourists. Husband's favorite is KL Hokkien Mee while mine is the Chinatown beef noodle. I fed Kah Yen her porridge and off she went to check out the skating Rink with Daddy.

I am here Daddy
Skating Rink at MBS basement
After dinner, we walked through the shopping mall to the new MRT station Bay front, from there we can go in to the Garden through the Dragonfly bridge. One look at the Garden and everyone was captivated, it is breathtaking. Too bad we had to rush to the Meadow for our 730pm concert we did not have time to walk around and take photos. I said goodbye to Daddy and Kah Yen and went ahead with friends to our concert. 

I managed to take this photo of Daddy and Kah Yen from the Dragonfly bridge, they were taking a walk in front of the lake.

Dragonfly lake at Garden by the Bay

And this is the tallest Supertree fully lighted up in the night.

Supertree at Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay is totally awesome and we will definitely come back again.

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