Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kah Yen the big sister

It is hard to put these two words together - "Kah Yen" and "The big sister". I mean naturally she will be the big sister next time when she has siblings, but looking at my 20-month old daughter right now, it is just hard to imagine her being a big sister.

She is probably the mildest little girl I have ever seen. Running to us at the sound of any sudden noise, be it from the rubbish truck downstairs, or the old and dying water pipe from our bathroom, she is afraid of them. Burying her face on our shoulder when too many people entered into the lift we are in, she finds them intimidating. When we are taking a walk in the neighborhood park, she's happily trot after us, but if there is any old uncle or grandma sitting at a bench nearby looking at her, she'd refuse to make any step forward and insist on us carrying her. She doesn't like people "staring" at her......

And she has two big brothers at our Nanny's place, they are our Nanny's grandchildren and play with her after their pre-school every afternoon. They dot her a lot. She is their "Meimei". I know how close she is to them 'coz every night when I pick her up, she happily says "Korkor Byebye" and flies kisses without any prompting. Sometimes when I give her milk bottle, she'd say "Meimei milk time", and when I put her down to bed, she'd say "Meimei sleep" - I guess that's what the two Korkor say to her in the day.

Yeah I know it is too early to worry and she might just change when she is bigger. So let's put it aside. Last Saturday we brought her to a friend's place for a birthday gathering, and another friend also brought his 2-month old baby Annabel. We had a glimpse of Kah Yen being around with baby and we are very happy to say that we see a big sister in her.

Look at her. She was so amazed by baby Annabel. She spent most of her time lingering around her while we enjoy the food and our conversations. She'd stand beside her and look at her. And when I asked her to sayang baby (Malay word for "love"), she will gently stroke baby's face and head. She also stood behind the rocking chair and tried to rock the baby, though it is way too heavy for her to rock. She spent the rest of the evening running around the house, only to find herself returning to the baby every few minutes.

Kah Yen stands beside Baby Annabel

Kah Yen tries to rock baby Annabel

Husband and I concluded that we should have our second baby soon, yes it is always our desire to have two siblings close in age, but there are other factors right now to consider so we might not be planning one soon. As for Kah Yen, we believe that as she grows, she will be a good big sister who is kind, gentle and loving to her siblings, 'coz these are the values we try to instil in her all the time.


  1. wow! She is so tall now!!!

  2. Hehe, yes she is growing very fast. I am especially amazed by the speed she is learning to talk. :-)