Friday, 16 August 2013

EURO Fun Park

We went back to Ipoh during the long weekend and had the chance to visit the EURO fun park which will be there for two weeks. According to our family stay in Ipoh it has been years since the last time they had the fun park. I doubt it actually comes all the way from Europe, but it is so rare these days it becomes a big draw for families with young children.

I was quite thrilled to bring Kah Yen there, though at the back of my mind I knew she would be too young for most of the rides. Turns out, this girl is certainly more brave and daring than I thought.  She went ahead to take rides with children mostly older than her.

She went up the big wheel with Daddy and Grandma. It was so high I myself didn't have the courage to go up, of course I used the big belly as a perfect excuse. She was not scared. She just enjoyed making funny faces in front of camera nowaways.

This is her on the aeroplane ride. The thing turns much faster than I expected. I am glad it did not scare her.

This is her on the high way train. This train has 5 to 6 cabins, is fast, goes up and down terrains, and horns each time it comes down from the slope. It is obvious her favorite. She took it twice.

This is me and her on the animal train. This is more like the kiddy version we sometimes see in outdoor carnivals in Singapore.

There are other exciting rides too, but I'd be crazy if I allowed her to take these two below.


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