Thursday, 27 June 2013

Welcome to the third thrimester

I don't need to look at the calendar to know I am already into my third trimester. Being the second pregnancy, I am too familiar with the signs and symtoms of the third and final trimester. Here are but a few:

Hot Hot Hot

At first I thought it is because of the haze the temperature has gone up, but now the haze has subdued, I still feel like I am inside a hot air balloon whenever I'm not in an air-con place. We usually don't sleep with the air conditioning on so I am practically sweating while sleeping, one whole night adds up to a 5km brisk walk I guess. Well on a positive note at least I am finally doing some exercise! And to cook a dinner in our small stuffy no fan and no air-con kitchen? I feel like I am running a half marathon.

I can't believe every morning when I wake up I look forward to going to work now, just so that I may chill in the air-con for a whole day, for free.

Hungry Hungry Hungry

Waken up by hunger in the middle of the night is a miserable thing. Well, having your stomach making all the noises the moment you are ready to lie down and sleep is even worse. The clock is pointing at 11pm. I know I need to quickly go to sleep so that I can have at least 7 hours of sleep, but the stomach starts to give me the signal that it is hungry. Trying to sleep while my stomach is protesting? No way! I have tried to lie down for 10 minutes and my whole body starts to irritate me. Then I have to rush to the kitchen to quickly stuff anything I can find to my mouth and force it down the throat without chewing. Such is the hunger! and to remind you I have just finished my dinner some 3 hours ago.

Heavy Heavy Heavy

It is getting more difficult to walk, sit comfortably or lie down and sleep. The worst among the three? Sleep. I spend the night tossing from left to center to right, and back again. And it is almost impossible to do all the turning without waking up, when you have a big belly.

The extra weight is also resting heavily on my bladder. The poor fellow, suffering silently at a forgotten place, till he almost can't perform his normal duty. At night I wake up on average 2-3 times to visit the toilet. In the day I have lost count of course.

And while I am writing this post. I have to stop and stretch various parts of my body for at least 3 times. I also went to the toilet 5 times to be exact.

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