Monday, 10 June 2013

Punggol beach

We went to the beach on Saturday morning.

Punggol doesn't exactly have the best of beaches. Not the type where you can dip yourself inside deep blue water, or sun tan wearing your favorite bikini, or even have a lovely family picnic. It is more of a port than a chill-out beach. But, for children, as long as there is sand and water, plenty of open space for them to run about and the hot sun to let them sweat to their heart content, it is already a heavenly place isn't it?

And I love that punggol beach is only 5 minutes away from our house by a feeder bus. Imagine I can wake up at 9 o'clock, take a bath and get everyone to eat their breakfast, then we can go to the beach for two hours and still come back for grocery shopping and lunch. No need to plan one week in advance. And the best part is I can bring Kah Yen alone despite my big belly. Since this is a beach feeder bus the driver is used to families carrying babies, strollers and all sorts of things onto the bus, she is extremely patient. I'd carry Kah Yen up and seat her down, carry the stroller up, and then a plus size bag filled with beach mat, sand toys, snacks and changing clothes, sit for 5 minutes and repeat the three steps again to bring everything down.

Look at the smile on Kah Yen's face while waiting for our bus, it is all worth it. And like all toddlers, she insists on carry her own property (the bag of sand toys) and let nobody touch it.

We usually feed the fish and turtles first. I never knew turtles eat bread too.

Then we spend some time on the sand playground. The weather is extremely hot, I can faint anytime just by standing there. But Kah Yen can sit on her favorite swing for almost half an hour, came down only when I asked her to.

We went to the shade to consume some milo and biscuit, before going to the beach to burn ourselves into roasted pigs.

I think she can play the sand and water for hours if I didn't call her to go home. Sometimes I wonder what children are made of!

Hope for more of such lovely mornings before our second baby is born. When that happens, it will be Daddy and Kah Yen outing most of the time.

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