Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Four more months to go

Each morning I couldn't help looking at my desk calendar and calculating how many more weeks to my baby's due date. I am now 25 weeks pregnant, 2 more weeks later I will enter into the 3rd and final trimester. I am enjoying my pregnancy so much now I can't wait for the 3rd trimester to come. Though I know I will surely be more tired, I look forward to baby gaining weight and growing in size to be more like a new born. I really can't relate when Babycenter says my baby is looking like a spaghetti squash or the average rutabaga! Can't they think of something other than fruits or vegetables!

Baby is a lot more active now. He has gone pass the stage of so called "popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming around, or butterflies fluttering" type of gentle movement. He is in full gear for aerobics every now and then. Sometimes I can't fall sleep coz the moment I lie down, he starts his practice. But I love all the movements inside, which just tells me what a healthy baby he is.

I have been watching my diet reasonally well. I have cut coffee and tea completely. I drinks two cups of milk each day and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I am also more diligent taking my vitamins now. I am confident that's enough nutrition for the baby to grow. I am expecting him to be at least 3.5kg, just like his sister.

I look forward to holding him in my arms and smell him. I look forward to breastfeeding him. And I can't believe I even miss pumping milk! I remember how excited I was when I have gotten 10 ml more milk than the previous pump. Such are the days! I pumped milk for 14 months for Kah Yen, my goal was two years but I broke my pump when we were travelling so I was forced to stop. For the second baby, I will still try to breastfeed for as long as I can.

I look forward to seeing his big sister interacting with him. Even now when his big sister is talking or singing beside me, I can feel him moving. He must be delighted to hear her beautiful voice. I know their bonding has already started even before he is born. I don't expect them to be the best of friends from the start, but I am sure they will grow fond of each other in no time.

I can't wait for my maternity leave to start, to have four months with my baby, to be available to him all the time. I can imagine we will be doing a lot of music and singing together. When Kah Yen was a new born the only nursery song I know of is "Twinkle twinkle little star". I remembered trying to sing songs to Kah Yen with a lyrics book beside me. Two and a half year has passed and now I have learnt a handful. I can imagine we bask in the sun together near our wall height window every morning. I can imagine we go down for a walk to the park each evening and I will show him all the beautiful things around...... It is going to be just me and him.

Four more months to go. See you soon my baby!

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