Thursday, 14 June 2012

KL Camp Day 02 - Of SkyTrek, Tele-match and Chili crab

Breakfast is always my favorate part of the day when I am traveling. I like to wake up early to a fresh and quiet morning in a new place. I'd usually take a walk before I enjoy my breakfast. And my favorates are hot pancakes with thick honey, omelet, some bacon or ham for a protein packed delight, and of course complemented by a cup of hot coffee.

It was not the same for this trip.

Breakfast was supposed to be from 630am to 730am today followed by morning devotions. Since Kah Yen did not sleep very well last night, I decided to let her sleep as long as she wish. She woke up at around 830am, and by the time we made it to the dining hall, it was almost 9am and the entire hall was empty. Yes we were the only one (together with my roommate who kindly waited for us to come down together) eating in a big hall contains at least 20 round tables! Due to the short of time, I decided to give Kah Yen the hotel-cooked chicken porridge. It was not the healthies of choices I know but porridge was her favorate and hence the easiest to feed her. I fed her using one hand and ate my own breakfast using the other hand, yes I mean really hand. It must have been quite an unsightly scene but again when you are a mother there are just things you care less nowaways.

We rushed to finish our breakfast and waited for our bus to go to park Taman Pertanian for the SkyTrek. The SkyTrek adventure is basically jungle trekking from a height via a canopy. It tests your agility, challenges your fear, walk, crawl, glide and swing through different challenges in the sky, in total safety while appreciating the wonders of the Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest. I could have been really excited over this in the past when I was single, but being a mother somehow changed me - I see life as more fragile and precious and I generally avoid risk-taking. It is unbelievable because just two years back I went on mountain trekking and spent seven days sleeping with lychees and woke up to the sound of wild boars.

I had good excuse though because I needed to stay back and look after Kah Yen. The entire thing took about two hours there was no way I can leave her with somebody she is not familiar with for so long. So we stayed in the base with many other babies and young children and their mothers. I also took her for a walk in the park, we enjoyed the morning sun and the greenery.

SkyTrek - The low level for children

Kah Yen and other toddlers stayed behind

Afternoon was back to the hotel with some tele-match games along the poolside. I chose to go back to our room so that Kah Yen can take an afternoon nap. That's the thing when travelling with babies, you just got to be flexible and plan around their timetable sometimes. To me her sleep is important and I choose not to compromise too much. After her nap we still had time to join the rest and received a good dose of afternoon sun before dinner.

Dinner was on our own. Our group decided to drive out to an apparently famous seafood restaurant in town. I was not a big fan of seafood, I was hoping we go to somewhere nearby so that Kah Yen can come back in time for her bedtime. But, since we were in a group I don't want to see as too anti-social or too child-centered, so I went ahead with them. 20 over people in 4 cars, it took us more than an hour to find the place, and it was way passed Kah Yen's dinner time, luckily I had some biscuits with me to give her. We finally reached at 8pm and I immediately gave her the porridge and she finished in 10 minutes. That's quite a record for her! I brought her to look at the fish tanks and she was very happy to see the many different kinds of fishes, prawns and lobsters.

Kah Yen running outside the seafood restaurant

Kah Yen amazed by the big fishes and lobsters

I once heard a friend saying that food was her passion before she became a mother, but after she had baby, she was no longer passionate about food because for every meal, 80% of her time was spent feeding the baby and the rest 20% for herself, by then the food would be cold and she would rush to finish it while still keeping an eye on the baby. I am sure most mothers share her sentiments, me included. Hence it was worth mentioning that for that night I was really lucky because Kah Yen spent first half of the night playing with her crayons and second half playing with Emma Jiejie. I enjoyed my food slowly and joined the adult conversations and at some point nearly forgot she was with me. So I was not exaggerating when I said that it was my best Chili crab ever since I became a mother.

Kah Yen and Emma Jiejie


  1. Cute kids but I think that trick is not for kids trekking.

    1. Hi, you are right. There is a mimimum height requirement of 1.4m for the children's level I think. The youngest trekker we have is 4-year old. The toddlers are there because this is part of an organized teambuilding trip for our church families.