Monday, 11 June 2012

KL Camp Day 01 - I almost got kicked off my own bed!

We just came back from a 4D3N church camp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. "We" means Mummy and Kah Yen. Yes this is the first time I went overseas with her alone, Daddy cannot join due to work. I guess that made our trip kind of special. While I enjoyed every moment spending together with her, I have to be honest that traveling alone with her without Daddy was not easy.

We left early Wednesday morning. Thankfully my cell leader family opted to drive so we can share their car, instead of taking the coach. I have one backpack filled with our clothes and Kah Yen's cooking equipments, milk and bottles, one day bag for her milk and food on the road, each bag itself is about 10kg. I can't imagine how to carry the bags and Kah Yen if I have to take the coach.

It was a long journey. We set off at around 930am and only reached Grand Dorset Hotel at Subang KL at 4pm. Kah Yen was quite easy as usual throughout the ride. I guess she is already used to travel long distance after her trip to China and Ipoh, Malaysia. She enjoyed her new baby seat, took 2 naps and finished the porridge I prepared for her. All was well except she was terrified by flies at our lunch stop. It was her first encounter with flies. There were so many flies on the table that Kah Yen refused to sit in her highchair. I had to carry her on my lap and feed her.

There was ice breaker games after we arrived. Kah Yen was a little bit cautious at first but she was quickly warmed up after seeing many other children running around on the floor. Yes that's the good thing about this camp - it is a family camp and there are a lot of kids and babies. I let her run around in the crowd while I participated in the games. I am glad to see that she was not frightened by so many people.

After games, we checked in our room. I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was already a baby cot in our room! I was not sure if the hotel has baby cots, and there are so many other families in this camp so the chance of getting a baby cot is not high. In fact I was already mentally prepared to let her sleep with me. So I was really thankfully for the baby cot. There is also a nice corner table near the washroom for me to prepare Kah Yen's food and milk. Yes I brought a mini slow cooker and rice and ready cut vegetables just in case there is no suitable food for Kah Yen! This is the first time I brought slow cooker for a trip, after getting some advise from other mummies. Apparently this has been quite a common practice among mummies who travel with young babies. 

There is already a baby cot in our room

This is what I called "The cooking and milk station"

I gave Kah Yen a quick shower and we came down for our buffet dinner. The hotel has specially prepared a dining hall just for our camp group. Yes everyday we have round table buffet! Dining with so many people together made Kah Yen excited too. She finished her food very fast for every meal and after that would insist to come down for a walk. She enjoyed walking around the hall so much, and she even went up to the stage! 

Kah Yen's first buffet dinner in the hotel

Kah Yen watching performances while having her dinner

She ran to the stage after dinner

This little girl obviously does not have stage fright

After dinner we proceeded to another hall for worship and word session. I decided to go back to our room after the worship so that Kah Yen can sleep early. There was some struggle whether I should stay through the entire session or go back to let her sleep early.  I decided on the later because I really did not want to compromise her sleep, and the next day is filled with activities, she might not be able to get a good nap.

Kah Yen did not sleep very well in the night because the air conditioning was quite cold. I have tried my best to adjust but it still felt cold! I have very thick quilt so it is not an issue. Her blanket is thin and it was no use trying to cover her anyway because she will just toss around and kick off the blanket. In the midnight, after hearing her crying I decided to bring her to my bed, at least I can try to cover her with my quilt. 

I made the wrong decision. Every time I tried to cover her, she would kick and cry. She really didn't like the thick blanket on her. And she tossed around so much that she always ended up sleeping sideways instead of straight. It was a single bed and when she slept sideways, her feet was practically on my face, if not my tummy. And as she moved, she would kick my tummy, my chest, my head and my face! I was half asleep and thinking if she kicked one more time I would throw her back to her cot! No I did not think like that, instead I was thinking "Whoever says co-sleeping is a wonderful thing is a complete liar!". Because my baby wants nothing to do with me when it comes to sleeping. I was sleeping on the side which is near the wall but not completely next to the wall (Her side was blocked by the baby cot so it was safe). I think after sometime I ended up lying on the extreme edge of the bed with half my body in the air and one hand pushing against the wall so that I will not fall into the hole!

And that's how my first day of camp ended.

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  1. Kudos to you for going on a trip with just your kid! :)