Monday, 24 March 2014

This boy is a charmer

Yes I am back.

No prize for guessing why I was absent for the past few months. I delivered my second baby on 28 Sep 2013 and have stayed at home since to look after him full-time. It was an awesome five months which deserves a few separate posts on its own. For now, let me bring into limelight the baby boy, who has grown into quite a charmer over the months.

At one-month old, he drunk well and when he was not drinking, he slept like a baby. (This sentence is totally redundant I know)

At two-month old, he is awake a lot more and has developed a keen interest in his surroundings.

At three-month old, he has won everybody's heart with his smile and his giggle, so much so that everyday after dinner, we enter into a competition on who can make him laugh the most. Till today big sister Kah Yen is still the record-holder. Her bubbling voices and her random dancing and whirling about are the most fascinating to him.  

At four-month old, he is a helpless baby no more. He started kicking and rolling and pushing himself up. When pulling him up he will stretch his legs and stand. We call him "Super boy" and no doubt he likes it. 

At five-month, we now call him "Happy boy", that's how we are feeling about him. He is generally happy and contented when we are around, even though each of us may be busy with our own things. He flashes his big smile whenever anyone goes near him. Being a second child, he doesn't get our attention all the time, but he has not the slightest problem with it.    

We have only known him for five short months, but he has totally wooed us over.

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