Thursday, 14 November 2013

I am Kah Yen. It's my birthday

Kah Yen's birthday is on next Monday, it's going to be her first birthday celebration in school. And she is probably the last one to celebrate birthday in her class since she was born in November. Almost every month she brings back birthday goodie bag from school from her various friends.

I have been thinking of a grand celebration from the beginning of the year. You know - with 3-D cake that wows all the children, and goodie bag that is unique and special! But then the second baby came and he has just celebrated his full month 2 weeks back. I am exhausted from all the feeding and rocking and waking up at night (I can have another 10 posts on this but I haven't the time to write even one). Daddy is also adjusting since he has to take care of Kah Yen all by himself now. It's only a few days away from her birthday and we haven't done anything. Guilty? Absolutely.

Thankfully Daddy has come out with a simple idea with his creative genes and managed to put the pieces together by sacrificing a few nights' sleep. Here it is! We did an activity book for Kah Yen and all her friends. The book will be put in the goodie bag together with other things we have bought.

Not sure if other children will like it. But one person loves it for sure - that is Kah Yen. She started coloring and scribbling the moment we passed it to her and couldn't get enough of it. We haven't gone through the text with her so she is scribbling random things on it.

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