Thursday, 7 March 2013


Sandi Patty's "A Mother's Prayer" has accompanied me through my entire pregnancy three years ago. Until now, my child is already more than 2-year old. I still listen to the same songs. Every line she sings, is exactly the same word I want to say to my child, the same prayer I have in my heart, and the same praise I want to give to God.

Just this morning, All THIS TIME, has nearly brought tears to my eyes again.

Here in my arms
I can feel the breath of love surround you
A life so pure
Eyes so blue

How you will grow
And a million dreams will dance around you
Over the stars, past the moon
One day I will tell you

Remembering the years
All this time
Moving through the pages of life
You have been a joy to me
Blooming in the sun and the rain

Holding you through laughter and pain
As you dance I delight
I have loved you all this time

I am amazed
In the morning light of God's creation
He reached from Heaven to me

Sweet miracle
That He placed the flame of life inside
And carried an angel to me
Gave my soul a melody

All this time, all my life

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