Friday, 18 October 2013

Growing up to be a big sister

Words can't say enough how happy I am to see Kah Yen doing a great job as a big sister. 

Back when baby was still in my womb. She would touch my belly, kiss my belly (her way of kissing the baby) and sing songs to baby when I asked her to. Every night at the end of our prayer she would put her hand on my belly while I say a quick prayer for the baby. She was already fond of her baby brother before he was born.

Take away the first awkward encounter at the hospital when she was not sure what to do with her baby brother sleeping beside me, I'd say she is adjusting really well back at home to the arrival of her baby brother.

She touches him and kisses him whenever he is popped up on my lap and awake. She says to him "I love you baby. You are my baby." She helps me to take diaper and wet wipes when baby needs a diaper change. She is the first one to inform me when baby cries in the room. When I am breastfeeding, she tells baby "Don't bite Mummy's nipple, Okay? It's very painful." 

We are so glad she is so sweet, helpful and understanding.

We bought a new DUPLO Lego set for her as a gift from baby brother to her. She liked it very much. With the new Lego set she can build more things such as house, truck, fishing boat and aeroplane. Her favorite? - Houses.

At first she would ask us to build a big house for her and then a smaller house for her baby brother, because she is a big girl and baby is very small, according to her. We are happy that she always remembers to build a house for her baby brother, despite being smaller.

Then a few days later she suddenly declared "I am going to build a big big house so that I can share with baby brother!"

Big progress for a big sister!

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